Joint initiative with Keolis Lyon

KEOLISAMEY DOCKLANDS (DLR) | LONDON (United Kingdom) | Tuesday 4 June

Cross visits to London and Lyon - two days each This year, in collaboration with Keolis Lyon, KAD launches an overseas Exchange Trip. The initiative is based on a partnership between the two networks. The aim is to allow employees from each network to visit each other to exchange best practices and benchmark that best practice. The programme consists of a network tour, workshops, networking, familiarisation of work activities for employees in the field and the discovery of a new workplace. Four employees from KAD will visit Keolis Lyon's organisation network on 4 and 5 June. After the initial visit from KAD staff, four Keolis Lyon employees will visit the KAD teams on 6 and 7 June. The aim of this initiative will allow participants to enrich themselves learning and bringing back good practice while developing their sense of partnership with the Keolis Group. This will be an exciting first for the Group! KeoLife workstreams - Operational Excellence, Partnering with PTAs

#Operational Excellence