Switch on training


AOs ‘switch on’ Slips, trips and falls have become one of the biggest causes of injuries to the Customer Service team, due to the frequency of tasks performed such as ticket checking, staff forgetting where they are going around curves or worst still the tram using emergency braking. To help keep this front of mind for Authorised Officers, the Customer Service team have launched ‘Switch On’ a Keolis Downer program developed on the Gold Coast at G:link, after they tried to tackle similar problem with their AOs. The program was launched in late 2016 and it still running at the depot today. Manager, Customer Service, Trevor Greer, said “We work in a constantly changing environment and must be switched on when we are out on the network, in the depot or even at home. We need to remain alert of our surroundings and our safety at all times.” All AO teams have complete the one day training have also relaunched toolbox talks for Authorised Officers at all depots on slips, trips and falls.


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