Workshops to get to know your company better

KEOLIS ORMONT | ETAMPES (France) | Tuesday 4 June

As part of a festive event, all employees of Keolis Seine Val-de-Marne will get a chance to discuss and exchange on different topics to get to know their company and its stakes better: - Accidents workshop : Présentation des indicateurs d'accidentologie de la filiale, Présentation des coûts de chaque pièce de carrosserie, Formation au remplissage d'un constat. - Safety workshop: Raising awareness on safety equipment Reminder that making a call while driving is forbidden - Fight against fare evasion workshop: Information on fare evasion rates Reminder of the amount for fines - Quality of service workshop: Presentation of quality of service indicators and of our resultats on two years Reminder of the importance of appropriate clothing (suit, tie) - “Thinking like a passenger“ workshop: Key figures on the Keolis Ormont lines Employees who take part will participate in a quizz to win some goodies.

#Employee Engagement